Travelling with friends and family is possible with the addition of the ‘SkyCamp Suite’ from iKamper. 


Available for 2 people or 4 people, the innovative, award winning iKamper Roof Top Tents add a whole new dimension to camping. 

We chose the iKamper SkyCamp Series for the following reasons

Innovative Thinking & Award Winning Design

Roof Top tents have endured slow variation over the decades, however, iKamper burst onto the camping scene in 2017 becoming the most successful outdoor crowdfunding project ever, raising USD$2.37m in 45 days. That year the first 1000 iKampers were shipped across 46 countries. iKamper continues innovate with the new 2x and X-Cover and recently won the coveted German Red Dot Design Award

Protection - the unique clamshell design keeps the wind out and you warm. Refer to video 1.

Durability - Exceedingly strong and robust design and extensive testing ensure the iKamper is prepared for our conditions - Refer to video 2.

Attention to Detail - it is the little things that sometimes make all the difference. 

Roominess - The SkyCamp 4x compact size opens up to a huge living room like space with great headroom

Quick - The SkyCamper Setup and Set Down times stunning - 1 or 2 minutes up, and 3 or 4 minutes down at the most.

VIDEO 1. Skycamp survives HARSH conditions!

VIDEO 2. Durability testing


Discover the story behind the world’s first expandable Roof Top Tent

‘It is like a Treehouse dream come true’ - Soon Park, Inventor & Founder of iKamper

Interior iKamper X-Cover

Interior iKamper X-Cover

Optional Annexe Room for iKamper 4x

Optional Annexe Room for iKamper 4x


It’s all in the details.

20190126_161804 copy.jpg


All Skycamp models will look great on your vehicle. Plus, it’s aerodynamic so helps with fuel efficiency.

At 120lbs (55kg), the Skycamp 2X is lightweight and easy to install on most cross bars on the market.

Customisable: Choose the colour of your hard shell and the accessories you want for the best camping experience..



The Skycamp’s floor is made of high-performance honeycomb aluminum panels that are lightweight and strong enough to hold a 1.8-ton Jeep Wrangler! The flat, insulated aluminum panels will give you a much more comfortable night’s rest than the rocky, cold ground. With 4 colors available, choose the one that matches your vehicle best.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 11.59.48 am.png


Park your car and set up your Skycamp in just 60 seconds. Really, it’s that fast.



Details DO matter. We care about the small things too. The Skycamp is manufactured & assembled in-house with love, making sure we get each detail right. Every Skycamp is certified to the highest international standards, with ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certification.

Pictured on the left are the Hard Shell Locks, keeping nosy people out of your tent while you’re away.



The Skycamp tent is made of breathable, water-resistant poly-cotton canvas. To really keep you dry, it also comes with waterproof zippers and a rain fly for extra protection.

The problem with most tents is that the thin polyester has a vinyl coating, making it less breathable and increasing condensation. The Skycamp’s thicker, heavier canvas will keep you dry, and it’s also quieter in the wind.



The iKampers enjoy the most room of all with room for up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children (4x & X-Cover) and space to leave your bedding inside when closed (2x and 4x).

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 11.45.44 am.png

Choose your SkyCamp


SkyCamp 2x 

Sleeps up to 2 adults (+ 1 small Child)

The SkyCamp 2x follows the design of the 4x, but without the fold-out floor, creating a full double bed and outstanding headroom.


Mattress - 193x130x5cm Super High Density Memory Foam

Materials - Aluminum honeycomb panel floor, double-layered FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) shell, poly-cotton canvas tent (300gsm).

Ladder - 230cm (standard) - optional 260cm (Long)

Closed: 218 x 138 x 32cm

Open: 218 x 138 x 110cm

Gross weight: 55kg

Roof Rack Requirement: 75kg


SkyCamp 4x

Sleeps 2 adults + 2 children

The original SkyCamp 4x changed the game when it became possible to sleep up to 4 people on the included King Size Mattress. The innovative clam-shell design with fold-out floor creates space to sleep across the vehicle whilst also create a protected area under the tent.


Mattress - 90x210x5cm Super High Density Memory Foam

Ladder - 230cm (standard) - optional 260cm (Long)Materials -  Aluminum honeycomb panel floor, double-layered FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) shell, poly-cotton
canvas tent (300gsm).

Closed: 218 x 138 x 32cm

Open: 218 x 210 x 110cm

Gross weight: 70kg

Roof Rack Requirement: 75kg



Sleeps up to 2 adults + 2 children  

A Coverless Gear Hauling Roof Tent. The X-Cover’s design eliminates the bulky PVC cover of traditional roof top tents and saves time: be ready to camp in 3 minutes. iKamper makes vehicle adventure easier with coverless, gear-hauling roof tent.


Mattress - 190 x 230 x 6.5cm - Super High Density Memory Foam

Crossbar load rating - 30kg

Distance between Crossbars - 75cm

Crossbar length - 80cm

Closed: 190 x 115 x 29cm

Open: 230 x 190 x 110cm

Gross Weight: 55kg

Roof Rack Requirement: 50kg

iKamper Accessories


Movin’ on up.