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The X-Terrain combines the luxury and strength of a Mercedes-Benz with a sense of adventure for venturing off-road! The ute is built for comfort, and the pop-top tents provide rooms with a view for everyone!


Vivid Camper

The Vivid Camper is set to impress! These brand new automatic campers have sleeping for up to 4 people in 2 double beds (one in a Roof-Top Tent and one inside), a fridge, gas stove and all the necessities for your next road trip adventure. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to explore Australia in style!


Perth is one of the most attractive and isolated cities in the world.

Situated on the coast of WA, it combines all the features of a modern city with unforgettable natural beauty. The city is located on the Swan River, which winds down to the Indian Ocean and the historic city of Fremantle.

There are many attractions to see in Perth and Fremantle, and even more to see in the country aboard your luxury campervan.

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VW Camper Hire

The VW Camper is just ideal for you & your friends and family to get out of town and create your own adventure.

With very comfortable accomodation for five adults, kitchen, cooking, fridge, shower, food and clothes storage combined with a super reliable and spacious vehicle that is a pleasure to drive your VWcamper is ready to go so you and your friends and family can get out of town and create your own adventure…